A sandy path, a small wooden bridge winding through the tropical vegetation will lead
you to the bungalows: a well-achieved symbiosis between luxury and harmony with the
environment, for these 17 bungalows on piles, built in wood and glass and covered with
palm leaves. (35m2 with contemporary en suite bathroom) All of them have sun decks
overlooking the sea, and rocked by the soft alizé wind, you will fully enjoy the blessings
of the surrounding nature. High-perched on its deck, our Spa with a 360 degree
panorama over the ocean, offers refined body care.


132€/day/2 persons and 94€/day/1 person on a bungalow with ac, fridge, sea view, breakfast and wifi access.

* 20% / night / extra bed (children 5 years & up and adults)
** Dogs not allowed.
*** There's no ATM on the island.

For Carnival and New Year please consult us